Top Tools to Look for in an Order Management System
Top Tools to Look for in an Order Management System


In the world of B2B wholesale, the significance of an efficient Order Management System (OMS) cannot be overstated; it serves as the key to operational success. Brands rely on order management systems to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth. However, with numerous options available, it’s crucial to identify some of the top tools to prioritize when selecting an OMS. Let’s delve into the key features brands say sets GlobeTrader apart from other Order Management Systems:


  1. Sales Rep Management

GlobeTrader offers a robust sales rep management engine, enabling brands to effortlessly track, oversee, and compensate all representatives with ease and efficiency. With features including commission tracking and real-time reporting, this tool is a time-saving marvel for order management systems.

  1. Credit Card Processing & Invoicing

Featuring an integrated online credit card processing and invoicing system, GlobeTrader affords wholesale customers the flexibility to pay through various methods, including credit cards and even Apple Pay. Moreover, with the option to pay online or download invoices for offline settlement, alongside round-the-clock access to order history, invoices, and shipping logs, GlobeTrader ensures seamless payment management while mitigating the risk of oversight or tardiness.

  1. Order Reporting

In the pursuit of operational optimization and strategic decision-making, data-driven insights pose as invaluable. GlobeTrader provides a suite of comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, facilitating the creation of fully customizable reports encompassing products, customers, sales reps, and so much more. This granularity empowers users to meticulously assess and refine their business performance, helping propel them towards success.

  1. Forecast and Sales Velocity

GlobeTrader offers a sophisticated forecast and sales velocity engine, a robust tool that helps provide accuracy behind demand planning. This feature enables sellers to anticipate stock depletion and determine optimal replenishment timings and quantities, mitigating revenue loss due to lack of inventory.

  1. Aggregated Sales Data

For unparalleled accuracy in reporting and forecasting, GlobeTrader allows users to aggregate all order data from diverse channels within their dashboard. This holistic approach to performance evaluation, spanning all sales channels, is a rarity in B2B platforms and truly offers invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.


In conclusion, by prioritizing features such as sales rep management, credit card processing and invoicing, order reporting, forecasting, and sales data aggregation, brands can streamline their operations with GlobeTrader, fostering efficiency and success in the competitive landscape of B2B wholesale. Investing in a top-tier OMS that aligns with a brand’s business objectives is pivotal for unlocking the full potential of their B2B wholesale endeavors. With GlobeTrader’s arsenal of cutting-edge tools, brands can navigate the intricacies of order management with confidence, positioning themselves for success in today’s dynamic marketplace.


Top Tools to Look for in an Order Management System