How AirFort Reduces Cost But Increases Wholesale Orders 400% With GlobeTrader

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Airfort designs inflatable instant-play forts for kids. Their goal is to provide kids with the most fun hideaway that allows their imaginations to run wild while providing parents with a toy that is safe, fun, and doesn’t make a mess!


Airfort was struggling with cobbling together multiple online platforms to help with wholesale orders. (Shopify Plus, CIN7, Webgility, Now Commerce, Cart Rover). Too expensive and too complicated.


While working remotely, it became immediately clear we needed to find a solution that could work for everyone – sales, logistics/shipping, and accounting. We signed up with GlobeTrader in the fall of 2020 and immediately saw results. Not only did we save over $2600/month by getting rid of the other bloated software platforms that didn’t communicate with each other very well. But we also saved a full day’s work per week in unnecessary data entry, manual processes, and reporting for sales reps and management. GlobeTrader did it all for us automatically. Great reporting, great automations, effortlessly syncs with Shipstation for all orders, and Quickbooks Online for all invoices and accounting.

GlobeTrader has been a game changer. We’ve increased the number of stores that order with us by 30% in the first 12 months, and we increased sales per store by 400%. When stores can easily order what they need when they need it (with the click of a button!), it increases sales. The only thing that changed was our use of GlobeTrader. It just makes everything easier and faster for the customer and our employees. We use the same salespeople and sales reps as before.

Our GlobeTrader custom wholesale order page is seamlessly integrated into our website, which looks great, and allows buyers to order with ease. We can offer special discounts per store, and discounts based on the qty they order or the order’s total reach. It’s extremely powerful that way, so we can try many different incentives to drive more orders from our retailers. The system automatically syncs with Shipstation, so orders go out accurately and efficiently without the need for us to complete them manually. Invoices go to stores automatically for easy and fast payment. Invoices get communicated with QBO automatically, too, so we don’t have to worry about extra data entry there, either.

Something we did not expect, but I guess we should have… customer service calls are down 50% since subscribing to GlobeTrader. Stores and reps can log in and check where their shipment is. As a result, the stores don’t need to call us to ask for easy tasks since they can log in to get their invoice or check their payment status. GlobeTrader has allowed us to focus on selling and finding new customers for AirFort. We love to talk with our stores, but if it’s something they need that they can access on their own quickly, they are happier customers as well.

We figured that we save at least 2 hours a day (easily) by using GlobeTrader to process our wholesale orders. Our reorder rates are 3 times more from stores because the system can send re-order reminders to stores that have not ordered in a while. Even more, the average order value for our top 50% of customers has increased by 35%.
Jason Evans
VP of Sales - Airfort

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