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GlobeTrader is the leading product discovery platform enabling seamless sourcing across all categories. We simplify the wholesale process for everyone involved while also leveraging our global network of contacts.
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Tap into GlobeTrader’s extensive seller network from all over the world.

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All your ordering takes place in one place through an easy-to-use interface.

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Keep records of your complete transaction history with each seller and set up automated reminders.

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Setting up an account with GlobeTrader is quick and easy.

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Once your account is created, search GlobeTrader’s extensive network of sellers for the perfect product.

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Simply place and pay for your order in the system and wait for the product to arrive. It’s that simple!

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1. Set Your Preferences

Take control of the products you want to see. Only get the items that meet your specific profit margin or quality requirements.

2. Request Samples With Just One Click

Just click “request sample” on the products you would like to review in person. No need for the back & forth with those you don’t yet know.

3. Connect With the Seller, That’s it!

If you like the sample or just want to proceed to the next level, just click “connect now” and you’ll be immediately connected to the product owner for further discussion.

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